Use your Kuda account actively for a chance to get a Kuda overdraft.

With an overdraft, you can spend above your account balance up to a limit at a low interest rate.

Get money for your urgent needs easily.

Spend above your account balance.

Take an overdraft at a low daily interest rate of 0.3%.

Get money for urgent needs easily without paperwork.

Using your Kuda account as your main bank account gives you an automatic chance to qualify for a Kuda overdraft.

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Spend above your account balance whenever you need to.

A Kuda overdraft is extra money you can use any time you don’t have enough in your account.

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Pay back your overdraft with just 0.3% daily interest.

Overdrafts are easy to take and paying back is as easy as adding the amount due to your Kuda account.

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Overdraft FAQs

For a chance to qualify for a Kuda overdraft, use your Kuda account actively as your main bank account.

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