Power your business to success with the Kuda Business API.

Get sub accounts, full access to Kuda’s payment APIs, instant settlement for agents and more!

Create and manage sub accounts.

Explore, test and build with Kuda’s payment APIs.

Settle agent accounts immediately after POS transactions.

Grow your customer base with sub accounts.

Create fully functional accounts, make transfers and analyse transaction history on any account easily.

Build faster with Kuda’s payment services.

Integrate bill payments, transfer services and savings, issue cards and set up webhooks for instant notifications quickly.

Settle accounts on your agent network instantly.

Our API makes instant settlement after any POS transaction possible for agency banking aggregators.

Increase your revenue with commissions.

With our bill payment API, you’ll earn commission every time your customers buy airtime or pay a bill.

Business API FAQs

The Kuda Business API is a developer-friendly Open Banking API solution that helps businesses scale by giving them access to Kuda’s account opening, payment and instant settlement services.Our end-to-end financial services API gives startups and corporates real-time data access, up-to-date documentation and the power to make secure transactions.

Move your business forward with softPOS

Business can find you anywhere. softPOS from Kuda helps you receive payments on the move with any smartphone connected to the internet.

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