Accept and confirm payments everywhere with Kuda Business Virtual POS!

Virtual POS makes it easy for your salespeople to confirm transfers instantly, saving your business and your customers time.

Accept and track payments easily.

Confirm bank transfers instantly.

Simplify your settlement process.

Accept and track payments across locations easily.

Virtual POS simplifies payments for your customers with quick transfers, sends you an email notification for each transfer, and shows you all payments on a smart dashboard.

Confirm all payments instantly.

Any time a customer makes a transfer, Virtual POS will send your salesperson a notification on their phone immediately to speed up payment confirmation.

Streamline your settlement process.

Transfers made to all your Virtual POS terminals are settled in your Kuda Business account immediately, so you won’t need to do the extra work of reconciling your account.

Virtual POS FAQs

A Virtual POS is a unique account number that you can assign to your online store or business locations to accept payments.When a customer sends money to that account number, your salesperson will get a notification so that they can confirm the transfer immediately.A virtual POS saves you and your customers time by making transfers quick, speeding up payment confirmation, and settling payments into your account instantly.

Move your business forward with softPOS

Business can find you anywhere. softPOS from Kuda helps you receive payments on the move with any smartphone connected to the internet.

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