Send money easily with Kuda Business.

Make single and bulk transfers to as many as 1,000 beneficiaries with the Kuda Business app.

Send money to up to 100 beneficiaries at once.

Pay a flat fee of ₦10 on each transfer to other banks.

Get notifications when your transfers are completed.

Pay one person or many people at once

Add up to 100 beneficiaries with a spreadsheet and pay them all at the same time with Kuda Business.

Save money when you send money.

Transfers to Kuda accounts are free, and sending money to other banks will cost you just ₦‎10 per transfer.

Know when your transfers are completed.

For your peace of mind, you’ll get a notification on the Kuda Business mobile app when each transfer you make gets to the beneficiary bank.

Transfer FAQs

When you send money to one beneficiary, that’s a single transfer. When you send money to two or more beneficiaries at the same time, that’s a bulk transfer.

Move your business forward with softPOS

Business can find you anywhere. softPOS from Kuda helps you receive payments on the move with any smartphone connected to the internet.

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