Take the stress out of payroll with Bento on Kuda Business.

Automate salary payments, pension, tax and salary advance deductions for any number of employees.

Automate your payroll to pay salaries on time every time.

Avoid payment errors with easy employee profile updates.

Simplify one-off and recurring salary deductions.

Save time with powerful payroll automation.

Bento on Kuda Business makes it easy to add all your employees to your payroll at once and pay them at once.

Never pay the wrong person again.

View, edit and delete employee details any time to keep your payroll up to date before payday.

Skip manual calculations forever.

Automate one-off and recurring deductions like pension, tax and salary advance repayments.

Payroll With Bento FAQs

Payroll is the process of paying your employees. It’s also a list of your employees, their salaries, taxes and other deductions as well as your business’ contributions and taxes.

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Business can find you anywhere. softPOS from Kuda helps you receive payments on the move with any smartphone connected to the internet.

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