Automate your invoicing easily on the Kuda Business app.

Kuda Business invoices are easy to create and send, and they give your customers different payment options so you can get paid faster.

Create an estimate and convert it to an invoice in minutes.

Send invoices and schedule invoice reminders any time.

Give your customers a variety of easy-to-use options to pay you.

Keep track of due invoices and paid invoices easily wherever you are.

Take the stress out of receiving payments. Invoice notifications on the Kuda Business app keep you on top of your finances round the clock.

Create invoices and send them by email or other convenient channels.

Kuda Business simplifies your invoicing process forever with straightforward invoices that you can share with your customers almost anywhere.

Receive invoice payments by transfer, card or Pay With Kuda.

There’s more than one way to get paid. Kuda Business invoices give your customers multiple payment options and no room for excuses.

Invoicing FAQs

An invoice is a document for requesting payment for goods or services you’ve provided to a customer. it itemises the goods or services you’ve provided and how much you charged for them, and records the transaction with your customer.
You need invoicing for the following reasons:
1. To request prompt payments from your customers.
2. To keep legal records of your sales
3. To track payments you receive for proper accounting
4. To track your inventory if you sell physical products
5. To help you report your income and pay the right amount of taxes.
6. To give you information that can help you predict sales and create marketing strategies.

Move your business forward with softPOS

Business can find you anywhere. softPOS from Kuda helps you receive payments on the move with any smartphone connected to the internet.

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