How does open API work?

Open API provides 3rd party access to the kuda internal system by using a series of protocols, a client_id, public_key, private_key.

How secure is the Open API?

The Open API is very secure, before data is sent across the system, developers are expected to encrypt their data in a request to us using a protocol, and decrypt our response using the same protocols.

What is Open API?

Open API is a collection of API services custom built for businesses who want to layer financial services onto their products/businesses offerings. The open api is built on kuda payment rails, it will enable businesses to do transfers, open virtual accounts and check balances programmatically.

How do I register a profile to start using the APIs?

To begin using the Kuda APIs, you will need to register a profile here. Once you register, you can start testing out the APIs in our sandbox.

What sort of documents do I need to start using the APIs?

You will need to be able to provide evidence of a business registration and address, utility bills and all that we can use to do a complete kyc or kyb of your business.

How do I access the set of services and API offerings

To access the APIs, you will need to read through our documentation here.

I have an app and I want to connect the API to test out my product. What do I need?

We do not have an option to allow developers to “test out applications”. Alternatively, you can register a profile and test out your app in our sandbox.

Must I be registered in Nigeria to start using the APIs?

For the purpose of doing a full kyc/kyb, it is required that a business is registered in the country where the APIs are domiciled

Can I build a remittance product with the APIs?

We provide APIs to allow business layer financial services on top of their businesses/products. The APIs may allow you to layer a disbursement service model as long as you are a registered Nigerian company.

Are there any charges while using the APIs?

At the moment, we charge for transfers (NIP transfers, transferring from Kuda to another bank)

Are there any limitations while using the APIs?

There are really no limitations when using the APIs. We have set regulations on transfers out of a kuda virtual account.

How do I go live?

Once you are done testing out the processes of the APIs, you will need to connect your Kuda business account number and then toggle to live.

How do I get a Kuda for Business Account number?

Please visit the Kuda for business website to register your business and obtain a business account number.

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