See your money like never before.

Financial clarity is everything! Budget on Kuda will show you details of your spending so you can make better money decisions.

kuda Microfinance Bank Savings, Spend, Budgeting.

Dive into your transactions to see where your money is going.

Create a budget to track your spending and saving.

Get a cystal-clear visual analysis of your finances.

Keep your money at eye level.

Save it, spend it, send it. It’s up to you. Whatever you choose to do with your money, we’ll make sure it’s done better and free of charge. We take responsibility for that.

Categorize your spending.

You can’t avoid spending. Know exactly what you have spent with transaction details and our multiple transaction categories.

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Pro Tip: Use with Spend + Save

Spend+Save is always a good way to reserve some money even when you’ve set a budget. Tap the Spend+Save button on your dashboard and set a small percentage to save every time money leaves your account.

The money app for Africans.

Save, spend, send and invest money across borders.