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Your Kuda account comes with 25 free transfers to other banks every month. That’s up to 15,000 naira saved on transfers every year.

Withdraw cash for payments free of charge at over 3,000 ATMs.

Get 25 free transfers on the first day of every month.

Send money free of charge without an account number.

Free transfers will make your life easier.

We believe in moving money quickly and free of charge, so you can count on getting 25 free transfers to other banks every month forever.

Kuda debit card =
A simpler life

You can’t avoid spending. That’s how you pay for your needs. But we can help you put money away every time you pay for something. Just set a percentage to save and watch your money grow.

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Need to pay with cash? Withdraw it for free.

Transfers are best but if you need to pay with cash, you can withdraw free of charge with your Kuda Card at over 3,000 ATMs.

Send money without an account number.

There’s more than one way to send money for free. Use a Kuda Payment Link for even faster transfers to anyone who has a smartphone.

Pay online without a debit card.

Pay directly from your Kuda account on online stores with Pay ID, no card needed.

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It only takes a few minutes to start enjoying free benefits. Download Kuda on Google Play or the App Store.